Thousands of cryptocurrency owners have saved their capital
13 марта 2019 в 13:07
Thousands of cryptocurrency owners have saved their capital with HI TECH MATHUSITA
HI TECH MATHUSITA Co Ltd. (HI TECH MATHUSITA) is a subsidiary of MATHUSITA Co Ltd. This is leading
  software development company for the world`s largest corporations.
HI TECH MATHUSITA products are software logistics products for large European and Asian shipping companies, as well as
  for major shopping centers such as SM Prime Holdings, SM City North EDSA, Utama, SM Megamall, Puerto Venecia, Marineda City + Marineda Plaza, Mall of America and many others .
  Software product development is an expensive, complex and high-tech process, requiring the involvement of a large number of high-level development specialists in all areas of activity.
  For any company, regardless of its size, development
  software for their own needs - this is a complex and expensive process.
  HI TECH MATHUSITA has the largest number of competent software developers,
both in the state, and on a constant competitive basis.
  HI TECH MATHUSITA is actively developing. Our branches are registered in Luxembourg, Stockholm,
St. Petersburg, London, New York, Cape Town, Sydney.
  We have been working on the principles of `CRAWDFUNDING` since 2007. Since 2014, we have been working only with digital assets.
  Since 2014, HI TECH MATHUSITA invites its investors to take part in the work on the affiliate program.
  Today, more than 60 investors around the world are active participants in affiliate programs, and six investors have become
  Investing (buying shares of HI TECH MATHUSITA) is a very simple process — all you need is to have
  blockchain-address of the cryptocurrency from which investments are made. When crediting your asset to the account
  HI TECH MATHUSITA, the return address of your cryptocurrency is automatically entered in the register of investors. It was he
  is the login of your participation. Your income will be credited to this address.
  Referring to your blockchain address, you can keep in touch with the company.
  Today, when the value of digital assets is prohibitive, investing in HI TECH MATHUSITA shares
  is an effective way to preserve and insure digital assets against impairment..
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